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KEMON Liding Surface Clear Spray 1L

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Preis: 18,47 €
  • Clean Workstation Spray
  • Sanitizing
  • Quick Dry


Ready-to-use sanitiser spray, excellent for all washable surfaces. Dries quickly and leaves surfaces sparkling clean while ensuring complete workstation sanitation.


Turn the spraying nozzle to select the desired spraying mode. Spray directly on the surfaces to be cleaned and allow to work for a few seconds, then wipe with a damp sponge or a clean cloth. No rinsing needed. After use, turn the spraying nozzle back to STOP to shut it.
Always test on a small area before spraying on wide surfaces. Unsuitable for acid-sensitive surfaces. Do not mix with other detergents.


Avoid contact with eyes. For professional use only.
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